Collection 'Art for everyone' - Series A, B and C

Prof. Makis Warlamis (1942 – 2016) painted many images for his great "Art for everyone" project and presented his paintings to the non-profit Waldviertel art museum's collection. For the amount of € 280.- you may choose an original painting of the internationally renowned artist's collection. With your purchase you support the pedagogical work of the charitable art museum Waldviertel which particularly commits itself to the personality development of children and adolescents.

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"It is my intention to give people the opportunity to obtain a valuable original painting and to support social projects at the same time," says the artist who occupied himself many years with the particular concern to make art affordable to all people and connect art with social tasks. "Each painting, measuring 50 x 50 centimetre, was painted on canvas using different techniques, e.g. oil paint, acrylics or a specialized technique. The works of art represent a variegated world of ideas, colours and free composition, modern, up to date and emotive, with reminiscences of the great artists of modernity here and there."

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