The Heide and Makis Warlamis Collection

To showcase the diversity of approaches to painting, sculpture, architecture and design, the Waldviertel Art Museum draws on its wide-ranging collection of works by Heide and Makis Warlamis, as well as on its permanent collection of sculptures and art objects by other contemporary artists from Austria and abroad.

Preservation and maintenance of the collection – Archiving and digitalization of art        Since 2008, parallel to the current creative work, exhibition and research activity as well as pedagogical work, the Waldviertel art museum continously deals with the digitalization and archiving of the steadily growing collections of the internationally working artists Prof. Makis (Efthymios) Warlamis and Prof. mag. Art. Heide Warlamis.
The collections of both artists include:

Prof. mag. arch. Makis (Efthymios) Warlamis

  • architecture projects, planned and realized
  • graphic cycles
  • pictorial cycles
  • sculptural cycles
  • design collections and projects
  • academic writing, scientific papers, research
  • books and publications

Prof. mag. art. Heide Warlamis

  • sculptural works: ceramics, porcellaine and bronze
  • art in public spaces, art on buildings
  • design collections, porcellaine, glass, textile
  • ongoing updates of her curriculum vitae

Contemporary international ceramics and sculptures from 1980 to 1990
The Waldviertel art museum also owns a rare collection of contemporary international ceramics and sculptures from 1980 to 1990, assumed from the Austrian gallery for ceramics under the leadership of Prof. Heide Warlamis. The collection comprises rare works by artists from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech, Hungary, Italy, England, Denmark, Japan and the USA. The archiving deals with the digitalization of the works on the basis of old and new photos, exhibitions, texts, explanations and publications.